When we “level-up” our lives, we give ourselves the power
to change the world
for the better.

Are you...

  • grinding through life in order to just survive?
  • following the script that society has “programmed” into you?
  • holding back on who you are and who you’re meant to be because of what institutions, your friends, and your family have told you is possible?

In the game of life, you have control

You have the power to choose a new path for yourself.

In fact, you can change your reality through your thoughts, desires, and actions. This badass superpower is called manifesting.

The Tarot is a Tool for Transformation

A deck of 78 cards does not have the power to define what will happen. Divination and fortune-telling can be fun - some of us love looking up spoilers - but having free will means the future is mutable.

If we don’t like a potential outcome, we can rewrite our story.

Tarot can be used to help:

  • Assess whether our goals align with our highest good
  • Examine the likelihood of a potential outcome
  • Determine the most likely consequences of specific courses of action
  • Identify obstacles that prevent us from manifesting our desires
  • Understand the bigger picture surrounding your current situation
  • Discover what lessons we need to learn and what inner-work needs to be done for us to grow

Ready to reboot your reality?


I'm  Jessica

A magical girl in the corporate world.
I’m a Geek Girl who uses Tarot (and a little bit of woo) to help people level-up in their careers, relationships… and life! 

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