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Tarot, Energy Readings, and Energy Healings in Minneapolis, MN

When we “level-up” our lives, we give ourselves the power
to change the world
for the better.

Are you...

  • grinding through life in order to just survive?
  • following a script that society programmed into you?
  • holding back on your dreams because of what others have told you is possible?

In the game of life, you have control

You have the power to choose a new path for yourself.

You can change your reality through your thoughts, desires, and actions. This badass superpower is called manifesting.

The Tarot is a Tool for Transformation

A deck of 78 cards does not have the power to define what will happen. Divination and fortune-telling can be fun - some of us love looking up spoilers - but having free will means the future is mutable.

If we don’t like a potential outcome, we can rewrite our story.

Tarot can be used to help:

  • Assess whether our goals align with our highest good
  • Examine the likelihood of a potential outcome
  • Determine the most likely consequences of specific courses of action
  • Identify obstacles that prevent us from manifesting our desires
  • Understand the bigger picture surrounding your current situation
  • Discover what lessons we need to learn and what inner-work needs to be done for us to grow

Ready to reboot your reality?


I'm  Jessica

A magical girl in the corporate world.
I’m a Geek Girl who uses Tarot (and a little bit of woo) to help people level-up in their careers, relationships… and life! 

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