About Geek Girl Tarot

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Have you ever felt that you want clarity on major life issues, especially when life through some major misfortune spills on you? That was me in 2017. And that was my go professional sign for Tarot reading.

Hi, I’m Jessica.

Don’t let my professional photo fool you – I am geeky, quirky, and not afraid to drop f-bombs in the middle of a Tarot reading.

I believed in the mystical from a young age. My parents thought that I was an overly imaginative child – except that some of the really weird stuff that I dreamed up actually happened. Those stories were kept within the family, since I quite literally grew up in a home with a white picket fence. Also, I don’t think that Milwaukee, Wisconsin is known for woo-woo stuff.

So how did someone with muggle breeding (no Xth generation psychic here!) who was raised in an anti-magic household (read: Jehovah’s Witness) and who went to a Catholic college end up doing something like Tarot reading?

Guess what happened?

… live action role-playing…

In the super-early 2000’s, I was in a Vampire: the Masquerade larp and wanted to play a character that read Tarot cards. I bought a deck, a copy of Tarot for a New Generation, and started doing Tarot readings at game. Imagine doing something as a gimmick but then it turned out to be TRUE! That’s what happened to me. I thought it was just a cute, fun gimmick until I found out that I was doing accurate Tarot readings for fictional characters. I freaked out both my fellow players and myself.

Facing some major issues in 2002, I started using the Tarot as a tool to tap my intuition for clarity. I further developed my skills as a reader by providing guidance to family and friends in their times of need. My friends leaned on me for support regarding career changes, business ventures, finding love, and coping with love lost.

But in late 2017 / early 2018, everything changed. Without getting into the nitty gritty details, I had a hat-trick of misfortune. This led me to dropping everything in the midst of a Minnesota snowstorm to go see a Tarot reader across town because I didn’t feel capable of reading for myself. That experience showed me what it’s like to be on the other side of the Tarot reading, and I decided it was time to come out of the closet and to start reading “professionally”.

As an intuitive Tarot reader, I empower everyday people like you to make conscious decisions that could lead to living a more fulfilling life.

I help people realize their power to change their situation (and the world) for the better. To change people from Non-Player Characters (NPCs) to Player Characters in the game of life. From someone who follows the script that society has created for them to someone who realizes they have the power to change their situation (and the world) for the better.

A disclaimer here: I am NOT a Fortune Teller (because your future is not hard-coded). A deck of 78 cards does not have the power to define what WILL happen. While the Tarot can help identify potential outcomes, you choose your actions and thus shape your future.

Besides reading Tarot, I am a business analyst, web application developer, and LARP (live action role-playing game) organizer and developer.

And Yes, I Am a Geek Girl!

What defines a “geek” is that they are super-passionate about quirky topics. For me, this includes PHP/Javascript coding, video games, role-playing games (including LARPs), cosplay, the occasional graphic novel, business (I get excited about entrepreneurial stuff), theology, metaphysics, and of course… Tarot!

Get to Know Me

  • Sun Sign: Scorpio
  • Moon Sign: Aquarius
  • Rising Sign: Capricorn
  • Myers-Briggs: INFP
  • Favorite Color: Purple
  • Favorite Foods: Pizza, sushi, and breaded mushrooms
  • Favorite alcoholic beverage: Red wine (Apothic)
  • I was born and grew up in Wisconsin, and now live in Minnesota. My favorite color being purple has NOTHING to do with the Minnesota Vikings. I’m “meh” about sports
  • Besides reading Tarot, I am a business analyst, web application developer, and LARP (live action role-playing game) organizer and collaborator
  • For fun, I play video games, hang out with friends, and cook massive amounts of food (never learned to cook for just two)
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