Give me 60 minutes and I’ll help you troubleshoot your Tarot reading skills. Discover 5 underground brain training methods that professional Tarot readers use to go from drawing mental blanks to deccoding the deeper meanings of the cards.

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Here’s what one of my students had to say about my strategies and teachings from this FREE webinar!

“Def[initely] like your rundown and makes a lot more sense than anything I’ve come across in the 17 years that Tarot found me.”

If you can sit with me for 60 minutes, I will share with you the same techniques that I shared with her!


SUPER IMPORTANT THING ONE: The one thing that takes less than 10 minutes but speeds up your Tarot proficiency time-frame from WEEKS to DAYS because you don’t have to memorize pages of details  just to understand one card (let alone 78).

SUPER IMPORTANT THING TWO: The big secret behind how to use the logic side of your brain to jump-start your intuition, and how not knowing this will make your readings sound like you generated them from a computer (you’re not a robot, are you?).

SUPER IMPORTANT THING THREE: The one thing blocking your intuition (I call it the Ego Hurdle) and how others are overcoming this in order to pump up the volume on their intuition, decipher the Tarot card meanings, and create insightful readings for themselves and others.


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