September 27

Book Review: Everyday Tarot: Unlock Your Inner Wisdom and Manifest Your Future


Everyday Tarot by Brigit Esselmont, the founder of Biddy Tarot, is a bunch of Tarot awesomeness (better than Tarot goodness) in around 200 pages. If one of Brigit’s goals was to make Tarot more accessible to the mainstream, Everyday Tarot is a major step forward. The book is both easy to read and aesthetically pleasing. I was amazed at Eleanor Grosch’s illustrations and look forward to using and reviewing the mini Tarot deck when it is released in early October.

As a student of the Biddy Tarot Certification Program (looking forward to completing this in a few months), I am familiar with how Brigit’s teaching style moves away from pure rote memorization of the cards and towards tapping one’s intuition and reading from the heart. The BTCP coursework (along with Brigit’s other books: The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Card Meanings and the accompanying workbook) focus on how to master the Tarot card meanings and to read Tarot with confidence. Meanwhile, Everyday Tarot focuses some on the “how’s” and a LOT on the “why’s”. The exercises in the book guide the reader on how to read the Tarot intuitively to gain greater connection with who they are and to create the future that they desire. The Tarot is treated as a tool with which to channel one’s inner wisdom rather than a toy for fortune-telling.

Everyday Tarot was written for both brand new and experienced Tarot readers. Beginners will find a lot of value in the first few chapters, where Brigit explains in no-nonsense (and no woo-woo) terms how intuition works, how to choose your first deck, and how to do a simple reading. The example readings in the book are easy to follow as the interpretations are shown on a card-by-card level. The rest of the book is modular and you can focus on the topics that interest you rather than try and go through the book in sequence. Everyday Tarot covers subjects where many of us often seek guidance – work, relationships, and goal planning to name a few. The book provides a variety of Tarot spreads that readers can use based on their personal situation. There is even a spread for the topic that causes many of us Tarot readers to cringe when it comes up: “Should I get back with my ex?”

Interested in using Tarot beyond spreads and readings? Everyday Tarot provides exercises on how to use the cards as a tool for self-discovery, personal healing, and identifying one’s soul purpose. Those of us who are more spiritually (or magically) inclined will find benefit in the section on using Tarot within the context of ritual. Brigit shares a variety of rituals ranging from everyday use to celebrating the cycles within the year, and provides the reader with a framework in which they can create their own way to connect with the Tarot on a spiritual level.

Before you pick up another Tarot 101 or Tarot card meanings book, I highly recommend that you add Everyday Tarot to your library and read it. When you order the book, be sure to stop by the Everyday Tarot website. As of the time that I’m writing this review, Brigit is offering an intuition mini-course as a bonus to those who purchase a copy of the book and provide their receipt number.

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