October 1

Card of the Month for October: The Hermit


A phrase entered my mind as I meditated upon this card: “Seek your own truth”

We live in a world where we are bombarded with messages of what we should think, feel, and do. This includes the realms of spirituality and magic. I’m reminded of the whole Starter Witch Kit debacle from late August/early September and the conversations that it drew forth on what it means to be a witch (especially in this era within the United States), the connections between spiritual explorations and social privilege, and the (false?) dichotomy between aesthetics and substance.

There have been voices speaking out about what one “should” believe and what one “should” do. How one “should” practice their craft and seek their magic. The problem with finger-wagging polemics is that they often lead to resentment. As the meme I posted earlier this week stated: “Don’t tell me how to be a witch. If I wanted rules, I’d go to church”.

That being said, conversations around intent vs. impact and how materialism affects spirituality are important conversations to be had. However, for us to be able to explore those topics, individuals need to consciously figure out where they stand on those issues. Otherwise, they will determine what is right or wrong for them based on whether or not they will receive praise or scorn in their behavior, making their path performative rather than personal.

Now is the time to reflect upon what you believe and why.

Deck Used: The Wild Unknown


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