November 1

Card of the Month – November 2019


Happy November, fellow Tarot Geeks!

The card of the month that I pulled for November 2019 is The Devil. This card from The Major Arcana calls out our unhealthy attachments. While some may see this as focusing on physical vices (money, sex, drugs, etc.), I would also include toxic relationships in this equation.

This version of the card not only shows bondage, but also how we hold the power to free ourselves from situations that trap us. There is nothing blocking the two figures from turning around or turning away from the devil figure. Also, the chains around their necks are loose, meaning that there is nothing stopping them from grabbing those chains, pulling them over their heads, and freeing themselves.

I find it interesting that this card showed up right before the holiday season. This is a time that is often overshadowed with materialism, greed, and expectations – thanks to the late capitalism / consumerist messages around Christmas. This is also a time of parties and family / community gatherings. For those who’s family do not accept them, the holidays may feel like a time of powerlessness.

While this card may have a negative feel to it, remember that you are in control of how you respond to your environment. How do you plan to stay in control of your life during the holiday season? What do you need to abstain from in order to do so? What unhealthy attachments do you need to recognize and release? Let me know in the comments.

Deck used: Modern Witch Tarot by Lisa Sterle


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