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Card of the Week for April 21, 2019

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Hello fellow Tarot geeks! I’m super psyched to share with you this week’s tidbit of Tarot wisdom. For my Card of the Week pull, I used my The Fountain Tarot deck, which I rely on for more “psychic” style readings.

Three is definitely a pattern – 3 weeks in a row with Pentacles for the CoTW (PLUS the Card of the Month!)

The Card of the Week for April 21st through April 27th is the Knight of Pentacles. When I see this card, I think of slow & steady progress.

Working on a major project or endeavor and don’t know where to begin? The Knight of Pentacles is about putting a system together to help you achieve your goals. The tasks may feel tedious, but each thing that you check off of your to-do list gets you closer to done. While it’s important to put 100% effort into your work, perfection is not what we are looking for here. Don’t let yourself get stuck in the details.

Another aspect of the Knight of Pentacles is caution – they look before they leap. They don’t quickly change course. Routine and careful planning are key here. If you are being called to make a rushed decision, slow down and consider the consequences of your actions.

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