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Card of the Week for April 28, 2019

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Hello fellow Tarot geeks! I’m super psyched to share with you this week’s tidbit of Tarot wisdom. For my Card of the Week pull, I used my The Fountain Tarot deck, which I rely on for more “psychic” style readings.⁣

We finally broke our pentacle trend! The card of the week for April 28th through May 4th is the 5 of Wands reversed.

When I look at this card, I see a lot of pent-up tension. The easiest way to explain it is fire building up within a sealed container. The pressure is building to where it is threatening the integrity of the barrier.  If there isn’t release, there’s a high likelihood of explosion.

Sometimes we feel the urge to “agree to disagree” or hold our tongue in the midst of a conversation where we have strong feelings. This is especially true when that little meanie voice in our heads tells us that our beliefs might not matter to the other people… or that inner voice then shifts to creating a blooper reel of everything that can go horribly wrong if we open up and voice our opinions concerns.

This card is challenging you to do it anyways. Seriously. If voicing your concerns is going to shatter a relationship, that relationship was on shaky ground. Unless you go full raging, condescending a**-hole, speaking up about something that upsets you shouldn’t lead to the other person being a condescending jerk. If it does, that says a LOT more about the other person than it does about you.

Release the pressure. Use your voice. Express your beliefs.

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