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Card of the Week for April 7, 2019

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Hello fellow Tarot geeks! I’m super psyched to share with you this week’s tidbit of Tarot wisdom. For my Card of the Week pull, I used my The Fountain Tarot deck, which I rely on for more “psychic” style readings.

The Card of the Week for April 7th to April 13th is the Ace of Pentacles. Wow, another Pentacle card this week. When I look at this card, the message I receive is to embrace abundance in your life.

In the RWS version of this card, we see a hand emerging from the clouds, with a pentacle cupped in its palm. Beneath the cards is a lush landscape with an archway showing mountains beyond, signaling the effort needed to bring your goals to reality.

In The Fountain’s version of this deck the pentacle floats in the air and shines so brightly that you can barely make out the pair of hands cupped beneath it. Instead of the mountains being in the background, you see the stairway that bridges the gap between you and the pentacle. Greenery and flowers border the stairs, and in the distance you see a pair of towers (or maybe this is an archway where you can’t see the top curvature?)

We just experienced the New Moon, so it makes sense that this card of the week is about abundance, creation, and bringing ideas to reality. This card is also a heads up that the process won’t be easy. This will be faith in the universe AS WELL AS WORK. High vibes and optimism will only go so far. You need to put in your own efforts – climb the mountain – to get closer to what you want.

What goals are you working towards? Let me know in the comments.

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