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Card of the Week for March 29, 2019

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Hello fellow Tarot geeks! I’m super psyched to share with you this week’s tidbit of Tarot wisdom. For my Card of the Week pull, I used my The Fountain Tarot deck, which I rely on for more “psychic” style readings.

The Card of the Week for March 31, 2019 through April 6, 2019 is the Six of Pentacles reversed. When I look at this card, the immediate message that I receive is that this is about mindfulness towards the cycle of giving and receiving.

In the RWS version of the Six of Pentacles, we see a wealthy person who is distributing coins to two beggars. The beggars aren’t standing equal to the man – they are kneeling at his feet! The wealthy person holds a scale in their left hand, signifying fairness, balance, and equality. The Fountain Tarot’s version of this card takes on a minimalist approach – six pentacles that are connected to each other by vines that are woven in a Celtic knotwork fashion.

When upright, this card speaks to the cycle of giving and receiving. When we are in abundance, we are called to give from our reserves in order to help those who are less fortunate. When we fall on hard times, we swallow our pride and ask our friends and family for support. Community forms when we lean on each other for support during times of feast and famine, or when we exchange goods and resources fairly in order to reach our mutual goals.

When the Six of Pentacles is reversed, that balance is out of whack, and it’s up to us to troubleshoot why.

Perhaps you are giving too much (this is a common problem among those in my community). Those of us who are helpers run the risk of overextending ourselves in order to tend to the needs of others. We volunteer to the point of burn-out. We donate to causes or ailing friends and then end up struggling to pay our own bills! When we overdo our giving and harm ourselves in the process, we put ourselves in a situation where we can’t be as available for others as we want to. Much like the lines in The Fountain Tarot’s version of this card, we need to establish boundaries when it comes to how much we give of ourselves.

Maybe you are giving for the wrong reasons. One of the things that I notice is performative charity and activism – where someone gives for selfish reasons such as recognition and social leverage rather than to help others who are in need. The concept of “volunteer tourism” comes to mind as an example of this. When you give – make sure the focus is on how the other person benefits rather than how you benefit.

I also see this card as a warning about debt. Money can place a strain on relationships, especially if one person is indebted to another and continues to face setbacks in paying that person back. Whenever you give money to a friend, ask yourself if you will be okay (and if you are okay with maintaining that relationship) if the other person never pays you back. If the answer to those questions is no, you may want to think twice before doling out those funds.

As you look at the upcoming week, ask yourself this: where is my giving (or my expectations with my giving) not in balance? Am I overextending myself? Am I letting money affect my relationships? Am I giving of myself for the right reasons?

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