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Card of the Week for May 5, 2019

Hello fellow Tarot geeks! I’m super psyched to share with you this week’s tidbit of Tarot wisdom. For my Card of the Week pull, I used my Deviant Moon deck.

The card of the week that I pulled for May 5th through May 11th is the Seven of Pentacles. I get a couple of messages from this card, especially when I add in the context of the Card of the Month I pulled a few days ago (King of Pentacles). I see a couple of messages based on working towards long-term goals.

Let’s take a look at the imagery on this card – the woman piercing the tree. There’s a huge droplet of blood seeping down the tree trunk. The blood stains on the ground hint that the bloodletting may have gone on for awhile.

Who are you in this image, the woman or the tree?

If you see yourself as the woman, ask yourself whether your actions are in alignment with the long-term goals you originally set forth for yourself. The reason I ask is that this appears to be a fruit tree (the pentacles hanging from the branches), yet the woman is piercing the tree in order to try and get at its sap. Her harvesting behavior doesn’t line up with that type of tree. The other inkling I’m getting is the woman feels like a manager who is trying to use pain or discomfort techniques to get what she wants. When you work with others, sometimes you need to be the “bad guy” by holding others accountable for what is expected of them. Even then – are your actions set up to yield the results you are looking for, or would it make sense to take a different approach?

Let’s say that you see yourself as the tree? Who is the woman in this picture? They appear to be wounding you – why is that? Are they causing necessary discomfort – like a coach calling out sabotaging behaviors – in order to help you grow? Or are they someone who is leeching off of your time, energy, and effort? What this image tells me is that you might need to take a look at those within close proximity to you and see how they affect your ability to move forward with your projects and goals.

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