October 14

Card of the Week for October 14, 2018: Nine of Pentacles


What a beautiful life! The Nine of Pentacles depicts a woman basking in nature, surrounded by the luxury that she’s attained. Through work and self-control she has achieved much on her own.

When I pair this with the Hermit (the 9th card of the Major Arcana!), I get a lot of different messages about this card. Some of these may resonate more with you than others.

One message that I got from this reading is that of spiritual abundance. We’re going into our third week of the month and it feels like your quest for self-knowledge is going well. It doesn’t feel “done” (honestly, we are never truly done), but the sense that I got is that you may be on the right path.

Another message I see in this reading is that it may be time to look at your relationship with the material. This isn’t saying “don’t go buy pretty things” (guilty as charged there), but rather look at how your possessions help or hinder your spiritual growth. It’s one thing to surround yourself with beauty and bask in the awesomeness of creation and art. It’s another to buy stuff think that the act of possession is enough.

The third message I see here is examining your beliefs regarding success, whether it’s the process of manifesting your goals or the view that your success is your own. One theme within the 9 of Pentacles is independence, but The Hermit calls us to dig deeper into that. None of our efforts happen in a vacuum – we accomplish our goals either through the direct or indirect actions of others. The knowledge you used to help you achieve your goals – you had that because you were fortunate enough (either through resources or gifting) to have access to that information. I’m not saying this to discredit your effort – just think twice about your situation before thinking that you accomplished what you did through your own efforts alone.

Which of these 3 messages resonates with you, and how do you plan to apply that wisdom in the coming week?


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