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S01E05 – Card of the Week for October 27 to November 2nd – Tarot Mood with Natalie Meraki


WTF has Jess been up to?

This has been a week of recovery. Also, shout out to Fox Den Salon and my stylist for the awesome hair artistry from last week!

Card of the Month Recap

The card pulled for October is The High Priestess. Learn more about what this means and how this aligns with the Major Arcana card linked to Scorpio Season (Death).

Card of the Week for October 27th – November 2nd

We have the Ten of Pentacles guiding coaxing us to examine where we are at with our goals and to look at our connection with our past as well as our future.

Tarot Mood with Natalie Meraki

Find out the origins behind Tarot Mood – the memes, the deck, and now the Kickstarter! You can also connect with our guest at:

  • Website: www.tarotmood.com
  • Instagram Profile: www.instagram.com/tarotmood
  • Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/tarotmooddeck

The Tarot Mood Kickstarter is open until November 18, 2019 at 9:57am CST. Click here to learn more and pledge now!


Jessica: Hello, and welcome back, listeners. Here I have Natalie, she is the creator of the Tarot Mood Deck. She is a mom, artist, publisher and now tarot deck creator from the Pacific Northwest. Her relatable indie deck, Tarot Mood, just launched on October 19th on Kickstarter and it ended up being 125% funded in just two days, which is pretty amazing. Natalie has been a tarot reader for seven years and started off reading professionally last year, about the time she became heavily involved in the online tarot community via memes and social media. Chances are you've probably seen a Tarot Mood meme or two on Facebook or Instagram. Well, for good or bad, now you can get it as a deck. Thanks, Natalie.

Natalie: You're welcome. I did it.

Jessica: What got you into the tarot to begin with?

Natalie: I got into my first tarot deck about seven years ago and it was just something fun and witchy to play with and just did readings on my family with my little white book. I did that for quite a while and then a couple of years ago, I decided that I just wanted to invite all things into my life that were more magical and just live a more magical life, which I think we all do, but I really wanted to start to highlight that in my life. And so I started using my tarot deck a lot more, started studying it a lot more and it just is my favorite. It's my favorite tool.

Natalie: I haven't got into a lot of other witchy stuff yet because I've just been so tarot-centric. Basically, just a search for empowerment. I think everybody that's into tarot can agree that it's definitely an empowering tool, even for introspection or how accurate it is with predicting things. I mean, how can that not make you feel powerful?

Jessica: You just started to read professionally, what pushed you to do that?

Natalie: A couple years ago and I wasn't too focused at first. I just kind of dove into it not really knowing what I was doing. I made a page and wasn't really selling any readings or anything, but I had that out there that I had my professional tarot reading business and I had my Instagram. I mean, I was really not into my own at all at that point, I was posting nice pictures that I'd taken of people's cards with my description underneath. And the funny thing is that, at first, I didn't even really give much of my own description or my own take on the card, I would just put in the description from the website and sort of try to ride on my photography skills. And since, I have gone and deleted all of that. It's so embarrassing. Yeah, I didn't actually start getting paid readings until I started taking off with my Instagram and my meme stuff.

Jessica: With all that you've gone from being a tarot reader and making some awesome memes to creating the deck. What led you to create the Tarot Mood deck and be able to bring that out into the world?

Natalie: That's basically how it happened. So I was really, like I said, I was just doing very basic things with my tarot business and I wasn't even in any Facebook groups. I was just sitting one day on my bed listening to this guy rattle off the card descriptions on YouTube and he was going through every single card and the way that he described things was really jarring these funny things in my brain and I was also stoned on marijuana.

I just started writing down the funny things that were coming to my mind would I listen to the card that he was describing and then I have this art program so I started making little comics out of them. At first I was like, I've got my love and light page, as everybody else does in tarot, you know? I'm like, "How is this going to go over? Where do I even share these? What do I do with these? Are they funny? Are they messed up? I don't know." But I decided to join a couple of tarot groups, the bigger ones and just kind of test the waters and see like, "Don't ban me for this. Is this okay to post here?" And they were wildly popular. I only did four cards at first and everybody was like, "You have to do the whole deck." And so at first I just did the ones that inspired me the most and then I just went and did every single one of them. Everybody kept asking me, "When's the deck coming out?" And I was like, "I guess I could do that. I'm a resourceful person."

The memes became the deck. About a year and a half ago, we started a Facebook group called Tarot Mood and that was sort of the theme of the cards was that they were relatable, which mood in the Urban Dictionary, it means relatable. And the group was the beginning of getting all of that together and naming the cards and now everything is called Tarot Mood, my website, my radio show that I had for a little while, the Kickstarter, all Tarot Mood.

Jessica: It started off more as what it sounds like, being relaxing and a way to express yourself. Just ended up picking up popularity. By building that community, it's now brought you to where you are today, of actually having those various memes turned into a tarot deck.

Natalie: And it took me a good three months of work to color, you know, you can't just use... I wanted to know if I could use the RWS deck and just put my memes on it and just have it be good, but there are... What are they called?

Jessica: Licensing and copyright laws?

Natalie: Yeah, right. So what I did find out was that I could use the line art, which is public domain and so I had to recolor every card myself and that took months and it actually took quite a while to even get all of the text in everything like that. That part of the process was pretty difficult. What really confused me the most was the business end of it. Having the decks printed, you know, how does that all work, and the fulfillment of the orders? And then I spent weeks just learning everything I could about Kickstarter and looking at every single of their favorite projects, the projects that were doing well. Going through all of the blog posts about it and just getting myself super prepared.

Jessica: Got it. So it was just... You just answered a lot of the questions I was going to ask, so-

Natalie: I'm sorry.

Jessica: No, you're fine. I find that a lot of my guests are intuitive, where even if I don't give them the questions ahead of time, they know what to talk about, pretty much take up the outline. It sounds like the biggest struggle, or one of the biggest struggles was going through and having to do the coloring on it, because, for licensing reasons, needing to get that taken care of. And then you've already walked through the crowdfunding process, which a lot of it that people aren't aware of, is that business side. Making sure you've got that fulfillment taken care of because we've seen decks where they decide to do that midstream or at the end and that gets interesting. If you were to go through this whole process over again, what would you change?

Natalie: I would have done it sooner. I took a little side track and worked on some other projects for some other people that I wish that I hadn't done, because... one being, if you want to have a deck out for Christmas, you have to have it done months beforehand because there's a month of the Kickstarter process and then it takes two weeks to get the money and then it takes a month for them to make it and then it takes two weeks for them to send it out. And so I really wished that I had started earlier and stopped fiddling around with other projects. Honestly, that's the only thing that I regret. I feel like I've really prepared myself and in fear that I would be under-prepared, but I have actually prepared just enough.

Jessica: Which is pretty awesome.

Natalie: And I got really lucky with figuring out where to get the decks printed and things like that. Luckily, somebody that prints a lot of the decks that we all love and own already contacted me and said, "Here are all the decks that we've done," and they sent me a packet with samples of their work and beautiful, beautiful work. That was like, "Oh, my god. Thank goodness." And they are in China and so it was and still is difficult to communicate, and trying to Skype is ridiculous because of the time zones. But then they told me about the fulfillment.

Natalie: So, like, yeah, I would have no idea. They were like, "Are you going to send these all out by yourself? Are you going to have 500 decks sitting in your house?" Because you have to order 500 at a time. And I'm like, "Yeah, I guess so." And they were like, "No. So what you do is you have them sit here in a warehouse in China and as people order them, we will package them for you and send them out. It'll be $10-12 a deck and that's anywhere in the world and there are no customs fees." So people that are in the UK and Australia, they don't have to pay $20 for shipping and whatever for in custom fee tariffs are. I've never had to pay one, but they sound horrible. When I hear people talk about their random custom fees that they get.

Natalie: So that's completely taken care of. So luckily the printers walked me through all that because otherwise I would not be knowing how to fulfill these orders.

Jessica: Yeah, it's amazing that they reached out and helped with that.

Natalie: Yeah, they really helped a lot. They are sharing my Kickstarter link on their social media platforms and I think they said they're going to share it with their email list, which is great. So if you get in with the right... For anybody interested in making a deck, you know, definitely get in with the right company and they know that you don't know how to do this and they do and they'll walk you through it. And these people that I'm working with is a group of ladies and they're super nice. They tell me they love me. Like, what better business relationship-

Jessica: Yes. Well, the cards that are on the Kickstarter page are just pure awesome.

Natalie: Oh, thank you.

Jessica: It was one of those where I did not want to start quoting them because I was afraid I would immediately laugh. So, I was like, "Is there a Monty Python reference in one of them?"

Natalie: Yep.

Jessica: I'm pretty sure that the 10 of swords had a Monty Python reference.

Natalie: The 10 of swords is the Princess Bride. "I'm only mostly dead."

Jessica: Oh, that... different one. Different one. Only mostly dead.

Natalie: The five of pentacles is the Monty Python... "There's some lovely filth over here, Dennis."

Jessica: All right, we're just going to laugh anyways. Yeah, and there was like, you put sunglasses on the Emperor. That's awesome.

Natalie: Yeah, he needed his cop glasses, for sure. He's the cop.

Jessica: If you're looking for a deck where you're trying to understand the traditional meaning, I can definitely see how these are relatable-

Natalie: Right.

Jessica: ...and you provide additional guidance as well.

Natalie: Yes, it's my edutainment deck-

Jessica: Edutainment deck, yes.

Natalie: I want them to be educational and, you know, I consider my Instagram page to be educational because people will be like, "I totally get this card now."

Jessica: Perfect. So again, thank you listeners, check the show notes. We'll have all the links to the Kickstarter and to Natalie's various pages. As a reminder, the Kickstarter goes on until Monday, November 18th. If you're not familiar with how Kickstarter works, you can put in your pledge, the money comes out when the Kickstarter ends. You can pledge now and it'll come out on November 18th.

Natalie: Yes, and the other way, too, if you pledged and you think, "Okay, that money's out of my bank account now. I can spend what I want." It's not. It won't come out until the 18th so make sure it's still in there. That's one thing that I'm worried about happening is people being like, "Oh, it must have come out already. I can spend this money." No, wait, it's got to wait in there.

Tarot Reading Schedule for The Week

I will be at Enchanted Boutique (White Bear Lake, MN) on Sunday October 27th from 12pm to 6pm and on Friday November 1st from 5pm to 8pm.

I’m also an exhibitor at the Natural Healing Expo on Saturday, November 2nd and Sunday, November 3rd at the Courtyard by Marriott in Mankato.

You can also either book an email/video reading with me through my website or get a quickie chat/voice reading with me through the Purple Ocean app most evenings.


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