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S01E04 – Card of the Week for October 20 to October 26 2019 – Working with the Angels with Seryna Myers

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WTF has Jess been up to?

Busy week of work, personal stuff, and then getting emotionally fried with Tarot readings at a psychic fair followed by an intense larp experience.

Card of the Month Recap

The card pulled for October is The High Priestess. Learn more about what this means and how this aligns with the Major Arcana card typically associated with Libra Season (Justice). Here we also delve into the card that’s linked to Scorpio Season (Death).

Card of the Week for October 20th – 26th

We have the Page of Wands guiding us towards spontaneity, passion, and play… which might get us into a little trouble if we are not careful!

Working with the Angels with Seryna Myers

Discover how you can build a relationship with your personal angel guide in a few minutes each day. You can also connect with our guest at:

Tarot Reading Schedule for The Week

I will be at Enchanted Boutique (White Bear Lake, MN) on Friday October 25th from 5pm to 8pm and on Sunday October 27th from 12pm to 6pm.

You can also either book an email/video reading with me through my website or get a quickie chat/voice reading with me through the Purple Ocean app most evenings.

Geek Girl Tarot

About Geek Girl Tarot

Jessica's first experience with Tarot was in 2002, where she learned how to read for herself after a difficult life event. Over the next fifteen years she developed her abilities by reading for herself and others during times of upheaval. Recently she has come out of the broom closet and offers her Tarot reading services to others. Jessica is a solitary witch who follows Celtic and Greek deities and splashes in a bit of chaos magick along the way. She is into geeky things like LARP and video games, and brings her nerdy fascination into her craft.

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