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S01E07 – Card of the Week for November 10 to November 16 – Understanding Messages From Your Spirit Guides with Tia Johnson

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WTF has Jess been up to?

Adjusting to home life now that Doc Holliday (one of my kitties) crossed the rainbow bridge. Also looking at the synchronicity between Doc’s death and my dad’s death, which happened 2 years ago on Monday.

Card of the Month Recap

The card pulled for November is The Devil. This card draws attention to the unhealthy attachments in our lives, both in the way of physical vices as well as unhealthy relationships. Some of the undertones of the holiday season may draw these issues out to the surface. Remember, the chains around you aren’t super tight. You have ways to break free / detach / detox if needed. An add-on to this from the book Queering the Tarot by Cassandra Snow – look at how adjustment (Temperance) from past changes (Death) might have caused you to become too restrictive of yourself. Now might be a time to let loose and indulge a little!

Card of the Week for November 3rd – November 9th

We have the Three of Cups telling us that we don’t have to face our struggles on our own. Sometimes you need the diverse perspectives of others to get you through a challenge. This card is also one of integration – now is a time to accept and utilize your FULL self rather than one aspect of who you are.

Understanding Messages From Your Spirit Guides by Tia Johnson

Tia’s spiritual journey is one that I (and many others) can relate to. After the death of her grandparents, she sought to become a spiritual healer in order to aid and guide others who were grieving. Her practice evolved to where she helps others with whatever is going on in their current situation so that they can thrive and better understand their own spiritual capabilities. In this episode she shares her wisdom about the different types of spiritual guides that are present and the ways that you can connect with and better understand the messages that your spirit guides may be telling you.

Tarot Reading Schedule for The Week

I will be at Enchanted Boutique (White Bear Lake, MN) on Friday November 15th from 5pm to 8pm.

I’m also an exhibitor at the Body Mind Spirit Expo at the Earle Brown Heritage Center in Minneapolis, MN on Saturday November 16th and Sunday November 17th

You can also either book an email/video reading with me through my website or get a quickie chat/voice reading with me through the Purple Ocean app most evenings.

Geek Girl Tarot

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Jessica's first experience with Tarot was in 2002, where she learned how to read for herself after a difficult life event. Over the next fifteen years she developed her abilities by reading for herself and others during times of upheaval. Recently she has come out of the broom closet and offers her Tarot reading services to others. Jessica is a solitary witch who follows Celtic and Greek deities and splashes in a bit of chaos magick along the way. She is into geeky things like LARP and video games, and brings her nerdy fascination into her craft.

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