November 17

S01E08 – Card of the Week for November 17 to November 23 – Living the Woo Life with Jen Shin


Card of the Month Recap

The card pulled for November is The Devil. This card draws attention to the unhealthy attachments in our lives, both in the way of physical vices as well as unhealthy relationships. Some of the undertones of the holiday season may draw these issues out to the surface. Remember, the chains around you aren’t super tight. You have ways to break free / detach / detox if needed. An add-on to this from the book Queering the Tarot by Cassandra Snow – look at how adjustment (Temperance) from past changes (Death) might have caused you to become too restrictive of yourself. Now might be a time to let loose and indulge a little!

Card of the Week for November 17th – November 23rd

We have the Six of Pentacles focusing on the dynamic of giving and receiving. Where are you in this dynamic? One thing to remember is that giving and receiving is not completely one-side. Those who give also receive something out of the exchange, even if it is not immediately apparent.

Living the Woo Life with Jen Shin

Jen Shin is a certified Reiki master, Beyond Quantum Healing Practitioner, podcaster, spiritual seeker, lover of truth, and student of the universe.  Her passion is to speak the truth and help people heal from within. She joins us this week to share her knowledge of Beyond Quantum Healing, a modality that uses altered states of consciousness to help seekers connect with their higher selves.


Jessica:Hello and welcome back, listeners. I'm excited to have Jen Shin on as our guest today to talk about her own spiritual journey as well as what it means to answer that call and live the woo life. Before jumping in, I want to share a little bit about her today. Jen is a certified Reiki master, a Beyond Quantum Healing practitioner, host of Your Soul Is Knocking podcast, spiritual seeker, lover of truth and student of the universe. Her passion is to speak the truth and help people heal from within. We're glad to have you on here today, Jen.

Jen Shin:Hey, thanks Jessica. Happy to be here.

Jessica:All right, all right. So to start off with, what has been your spiritual journey up to this point?

Jen Shin:Well, I want to say that I've been into the woo and spiritual all my life. I basically grew up in a very Christian community, something that even when I was little, always questioned it. When I was in high school, I kind of dove into spiritual topics. I don't know if anybody remembers like Sylvia Browne that was a psychic back then and she blew my mind and I was really into her books on past life. In fact, I used to use her scripts to give my friends, my BFFs, past life regressions based on scripts. Conversations With God, that series by Neale Donald Walsch, that was really mind blowing to me as well. I wanted to sing from the ... down the street, my new learnings, what I've learned. Unfortunately being in a very Christian community, it was not looked highly upon.

Jen Shin:I mean, I remember my friends, "You don't have to fear God, you know, you're not going to hell. None of us are." I was shamed pretty badly. People kept telling me I was going to hell and as an impressionable teenager, this kind of closed me up. Even though I still was really into spirituality and still doing my learning and all of that, nobody knew this side of me except my sister and my BFF, but nobody knew the side of me.

Jen Shin:Fast forward to a few years ago, we were going through a lot of external turmoil. There was such a political divide. We had Me Too movement going on, we had, you know, terrorism and shootings and there was just a lot going on in one year. I don't know if you remember, but it was eating me up inside. I felt like it was outside of my control and I didn't know what to do. It was kind of a scary place to be in. Since I couldn't change what was going on on the outside, I decided to take up meditation, daily meditation and I would meditate, even if it was five minutes that day or up to an hour, it really range. It could be walking meditation, it could be yoga that day. It didn't matter, but I started meditating and it really opened up something inside me to really hear my intuition, the guidance that that was coming through. One day what I heard was, "It starts with you," pretty clearly. And at that time I was thinking what starts with me? What are you talking about?


Jen Shin:I don't even know what you're talking about. The more I meditated, the clearer that response got. What that meant was that healing myself, doing the inner work, will actually affect my external world. It's basically a domino effect, right? If I really do the inner work and I heal lots of parts of me, then the person I'm talking to nearby, like my best friend, it might affect her and then she might affect someone else and also as collective consciousness. It's all connected, I'm just adding to the healed pool, so to speak. So yeah, that's what my healing journey really began. I did the deep inner work, really tried to feel parts of myself that I never really looked at in my past and I heard another message. This time the message was, "You are a healer."

Jen Shin:So this was another thing that blew my mind cause I was like, "What does that even mean? Am I like Jesus?" I want to say I'm spiritual and into the woo but if I heard someone as a healer, it was still outside my thought process. I don't know the first thing about becoming a healer and I ignored that message for a long time actually until literally that message was coming at me over and over and over again. I mean, on TV, or on podcasts, it felt like that message was getting ... it came closer and closer together and to the point where I couldn't ignore it anymore, so I was like, "Okay, universe, you know what? I give up. I'm a healer, now what?"

Jen Shin:So the first thing I decided to do was take a Reiki course because that was the closest thing I knew that ... where I could become a healer. I took that course all the way until I became a Reiki master and something in me was like, "That's not it. That's a great foundation, but there's more skills I should be adding. There's more I should be learning as a healer."

Jen Shin:I decided to do what is called Beyond Quantum Healing and I got certified in that as a practitioner. What that is is a form of past life regression. I can't really talk about BQH before I talk about Delores Cannon and QHHT. So Dolores Cannon, do you know who she is?

Jessica:No, I don't.

Jen Shin:Okay, well she's no longer with us in this life, she's on the other side, but she created this beautiful modality called QHHT. She used to practice past life regression for a long, long time and a lot of similar messages would come through about people who are extraterrestrials in their past. Things about 5D and the new earth. There were so similar in what they were talking about that she created this new modality to really dive into it and she connects with the subconscious, which I like to call higher self, to really give the client messages from the higher self.

Jen Shin:BQH happened when a student of hers named Candace [Crawford-Goldman 00:07:06], she worked really closely with Dolores from her early stages of her career and she realized that practitioners were wanting to have this modality evolve. For instance, they wanted to add their own modalities into it. If they were a Reiki practitioner, they could add Reiki into the session, or EFT, or all of those things and most importantly, people wanted it to do these sessions remotely. So that's the biggest change BQH has brought on, is the remote portion because QHHT must be done in person. That's what BQH is, it's basically QHHT but something that's kind of evolved since then.

Jen Shin:We kind of go through a couple of past life regressions and receive healing. We can, null and void any contracts or vows that were made in a past life, anything that you haven't been able to move forward from, we can heal that part. It's really fascinating and then at the end we talked to your higher self and we have you bring in 20 questions or so that you'd love to ask your higher self about.

Jen Shin:I like to tell people is that if you had 20 questions you were asking a psychic or maybe God, universe, whatever source, whatever you like to call that energy, write them down or type them up and email them to me. While we go into that data state, I ask the questions and a lot of times, higher self will answer. It's really fascinating work.

Jen Shin:The fun part is, is that we don't really know what we'll be connecting to, meaning we can connect to your past life, but we can connect to your life in between life, your future life, different parallel reality life, your extra terrestrial life. It's really multi-dimensional. So that's why it's called quantum because we don't really know what you're going to hook up with that day. It's really up to you and your higher self and what you truly need healing from.

Jessica:That is definitely a lot to process there.

Jen Shin:Yeah, that was pretty long winded.

Jessica:I'm was like ... I'm guessing some of the listeners will be willing well on there, but you had to go back to the original part on what you mentioned on this all starting from wanting to do something and seeing where the world is at and it's still is at, at least within the United States with again, the Me Too movement and various administration stuff that's going on. It's amazing to see how even in this time where there's a lot of despair, there's those of us who are rolling up our sleeves and saying, "All right, we got to do something. We've got to try and make a change." Whether it's changing things from within or whether it's reaching out and helping others, or in some cases from what it sounds like a combination of both.

Jen Shin:It really pushed me to come out of my spiritual closet, so to speak and I started my own podcast because I feel like I am online all the time and I talk to spiritual people all the time and it seems like it's common. In real life, my friends, my coworkers, my family, not many of them believe the way I believe and I feel like this is really important work that needs to get out there. We need to be that domino effect. We need to start the change. I do feel like a lot of us are being called upon to share this work.

Jessica:Yeah, exactly. Now, you mentioned that ... it feels like you have a separate life. So you have the digital life where you're doing all this stuff and helping all these people, and then you have your family and your work where it doesn't feel like they're able to fully understand or connect with what you're doing. How's it feel to have to deal with that duality?

Jen Shin:Sometimes it can be really hard, right?


Jen Shin:If I really let everyone know to the extent of what I believe to be true, they might think I'm crazy.

Jessica:I think many of us who live that double life between the mystic and mundane feel that way and sometimes we even question ourselves, given some of our experiences. Then we go on our day job and we're hearing people talk about their weekend and we're thinking about what we did, we're like, "I don't know if I want to open up about this."

Jen Shin:Right, right and starting this podcast, I had to create a public Instagram account. That was really scary because, one by one my people in real life found it and started following me, right?

Jessica:Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Jen Shin:Once they look at it, they get to see what I'm doing, what I believe, not just ... My best friends know it, I mean, I've practiced on them. Although they're Christian, they're very open and they're very welcoming of what I do but it's the people that are your acquaintances, people that you haven't talked to in awhile. They started following me and it freaked me out at first, you're like, "Oh gosh, what are they going to think?" I've worked through a lot of it. I'm standing in my truth and if they're meant to stay in my life and follow me in my career, in my new found existence, then they will and if they're not meant to, they won't and that's okay. I think you have to get to that place because it's okay if they're not okay with it because eventually they'll be ready, I think and if not, it's okay too. I know that sounds really funny because I don't know if you believe in the whole 3D to 5D reality?

Jessica:A little bit but I'm sure there's some listeners out here who are not familiar, so tell us more about what that means.

Jen Shin:Yeah, we are living in the third dimension.

Jessica:Yeah, I'm very familiar with that. Isn't the fourth dimension time?

Jen Shin:Yeah. So there's a fourth dimension, but we're moving from the third dimension to the fifth dimension and I think we're kind of weaving in and out a little bit of all the ... these three dimensions. The fifth dimension, it's supposed to be this beautiful place without fear, that we're basically healed and not in a place of fear. We're more love and light because, you know, obviously love, light and shadow exists in the third dimension.


Jen Shin:So what does that mean? Who makes it to 5D? Is it the end of time? I believe that we are getting hit with solar flares and to slowly integrate our bodies into the fifth dimension, higher frequencies and if you follow the Schumann resonance ... I don't know, do you know what the Schumann resonance is?

Jessica:No, let's put it this way. If I probably don't know it, my listeners don't too, so going through it and explaining this will help a lot.

Jen Shin:Yeah, well the Schumann resonance is Earth's heartbeat. It's the frequency that the earth emits. I don't have this info in front of me, usually it's at 7.83 gigahertz. That's the standard, I think. Don't quote me on that, but it's pretty low. But lately we've had ... The highest jump we've had in 2019 was 150 I believe and even a month ago was a hundred and a lot of times we'll be at 40, 50, 60 so Earth's frequency is, and taking us with her. I do believe that we are all being called to heal so that we can integrate these frequencies and make it to 5D. So that's what I believe 5D is. Will we all make it? Maybe not, but does it matter? No.

Jen Shin:Everybody's soul is on their own unique journey and before it used to freak me out, like, "Do I have to save people?" The old Christian beliefs in me.

Jessica:Oh gosh, I relate with that too, it's like, "I must help everyone," and that whole thing.

Jen Shin:Right, and the funny thing is you cannot help anyone that does not want to be helped.

Jessica:Amen to that.

Jen Shin:Ever. I've surrendered to it all and if they want to be helped, I'm there for it.

Jessica:I know you went through a lot when it came to Beyond Quantum Healing back towards the beginning when you were explaining how that methodology evolved into what it is. Is there anything else that you want to share with regards to that modality?

Jen Shin:I think if anybody wants a session, it's great to have because you are really connected to your higher self during these sessions and they last two to four hours. It's really long so you need to get ready for it. There's some steps you need to take before the session, steps you need to take to ground after the session because you are literally traveling through time and space. The message, I mean, we can really even connect to archangels, sometimes they come through. Any beings, ascended masters really anybody can come through and a lot of times even Dolores Cannon comes through, through a session.

Jen Shin:So it's one of those sessions where you get to really figure out your past lives, get an explanation for why you're having some certain issues in this life. You could even get answers to your purpose, your mission, or maybe you've had some strange things happen to you, quote unquote, "strange things" or unexplained things. Maybe you feel like you've been abducted by aliens, who knows? I don't know.

Jessica:Aliens, fairies, what have you.

Jen Shin:Yeah. It's all real, you guys. It's so real and so these sessions, what it can do for you, is basically provide you with some answers that you've been seeking and really bring healing. I've never experienced this as a practitioner, but I've heard stories of people healing from cancer, people healing from diseases. When you connect to your higher self, you can ask for a healing and they'll heal your body. The thing is though, you have to stay committed to your healing even after your session. I record the sessions and then I send it to you, so you need to listen to it once a week, twice a week, whatever you want, to receive that healing. Your higher self will give you advice on what you need to do to stay healthy. They can try to cure you of cancer and you go back to your old ways of stress and bad eating and whatnot, you're going to get your cancer back. They can perform miracles, but it's not going to be an ongoing ... if you yourself, don't stay committed to it.

Jessica:Vehicles only go so far, if you're ... As you said before, it's like with prayer you pray but you still act in support of what you're putting out into the world. Same thing it sounds like with this, you can have energy, you can make these requests, you can connect and have it where the divine source is helping, but you still need to do the work.

Jen Shin:Exactly. You really need to do the work and you have to be committed to your healing.

Jessica:Looks like we're getting close to time here. Is there anything else that you'd like to share with our listeners today?

Jen Shin:Well, I want to say that your higher self is always with you. They're always there and I've had sessions done myself and what I realize is that I've been connected to my higher self. My higher self has communicated with me time and time again and sometimes I choose to ignore it and then sometimes I listen. Part of the journey is healing you to work through your stuff because when you work through your stuff, you get your hits and messages easier and you realize that you're still loved and your higher self is there with you always.

Jen Shin:One more thing to add. I know that I got the message that I am a healer, but what I realize is that we're all healers, you guys. We all have the ability to heal. Some people, like me, decide to hold space and build a safe container for other people's healing, but I can't heal anyone unless they're willing to heal themselves. We're all healers and we're all on a healing journey as long as we stay committed to it.

Jessica:Yeah, exactly, and if any of our listeners want to learn more about you, how can they connect with you online?

Jen Shin:The best way to connect with me is through my Instagram @iamjenshin. My website is You can also listen to my podcast, Your Soul Is Knocking, basically found anywhere you can find a podcast. I like to say it's for the woo curious, or anyone going through a spiritual awakening, so you can hop on and listen to me there.

Jessica:Cool, cool. Jen, I am so glad that you were able to be with us today and share with us so much about your own journey and what it is that you do in order to help others.

Jen Shin:So happy I could chat with you and your listeners today.

Tarot Reading Schedule for The Week

I am an exhibitor at the Body, Mind, Spirit Expo at the Earle Brown Heritage Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Sunday November 17th from 10am to 5pm. I will be teaching an intro class on reading Tarot from 1pm to 2pm.

I will be at Enchanted Boutique (White Bear Lake, MN) on Friday November 22nd from 5pm to 8pm.

You can also either book an email/video reading with me through my website or get a quickie chat/voice reading with me through the Purple Ocean app most evenings.






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