November 24

S01E09 – Card of the Week for November 24 to November 30 – Psychic Development in Childhood with Elke Hannig


Card of the Month Recap

The card pulled for November is The Devil. This card draws attention to the unhealthy attachments in our lives, both in the way of physical vices as well as unhealthy relationships. Some of the undertones of the holiday season may draw these issues out to the surface. Remember, the chains around you aren’t super tight. You have ways to break free / detach / detox if needed. An add-on to this from the book Queering the Tarot by Cassandra Snow – look at how adjustment (Temperance) from past changes (Death) might have caused you to become too restrictive of yourself. Now might be a time to let loose and indulge a little!

Card of the Week for November 24th – November 30th

We have the Eight of Pentacles reversed telling us to focus on progress rather than perfection. Sometimes we get caught up on other people’s finished products to where we forget that they too were beginners and have made mistakes along the way. Don’t let “I’m new to this…” keep you from working towards your dreams

Psychic Development in Childhood with Elke Hannig

Elke Hannig is an expert in Body Psychotherapy and Tantric & Shamanic Wisdom Teachings. This week she shares with us how the stress we experience as children can heighten our awareness of the world around us to the point where we become clairvoyant or clairfeeling.


Jessica: Hello and welcome back listeners. Today, we have Elke Hanning here as our guest. Elke is an expert in body psychotherapy and tantric and shamanic wisdom teachings. Elke knows that trauma lives within the body and that we can be hurting inside for decades without ever knowing. So if you're feeling broken, compromised, and controlled by the past because something inside feels off and no amount of talk therapy is doing the job, you need Elke's hyper healing, body-centered connection and zing, zing vibration of her touch.

Jessica: Through her heart-shifting energy and her empathy and her electrifying intuition, she quickly brings your body out of that hidden trauma into freedom, love, and belonging. So if you're ready to snap the endless loops of self sabotage that keep you scared, stuck, and screwing up, and you finally want to release your true joy into the world, then visit her website, which we'll have in the show notes and get hands on with Elke. We're glad to have you here today.

Elke: Hi Jessica, I'm glad to be here with you today, too.

Jessica: All right, good, good. So a lot of my guests have come from various walks of life and they've had different spiritual journeys. What has been your spiritual journey up to this point?

Elke: Oh my God, this is a long, long story. So I will keep it a little bit short.

Jessica: Okay.

Elke: So, what was my biggest, my starting point? I think it was a very, very deep time for me. I had a burnout, so I needed to go to, I asked to go to a psychotherapist to get help with all of these things coming up. And gladly, she recommended me to a body psychotherapist and someone who brilliant and known psychotherapist here in Germany. And he recommended me to look at shamanic education or tantric education. And this was my first time I got a reflection of that work inside of me.

Elke: And the first thing was I did a tantric education, and the first time I touched people with massage work or this body work, I got pictures, I got the stories of the people I was touching. So this was very, very freaking and scary at the first time because I couldn't control it. But this was the very first time I got really in a deep connection of my ability to be clairvoyant or clairfeeling. Yeah, this was my first connection. Now I know in my childhood I was deeply connected to divinity and to all of these unseen energies around people, but I never had anyone that could support me with that. So I shut myself down and all of these things, what happened. Yeah, and since then it was an amazing journey to unfold and shed all the layers that hindered me to fully live this ability. And yeah, it was an amazing journey since this first connection to this, and getting pictures and the stories of other people.

Jessica: Yeah, that's incredible. And I can see how that can also be a little intimidating to have that happen and then not really knowing what to do at that point. But it seems like you've developed quite a bit since you're now an expert when it comes to body psychotherapy and then also tantric and shamanic wisdom teachings. With that, what led you to develop those skills? And then create your, your business in your practice to be able to help others?

Elke: When you are on a path and you are getting those messages, something inside of you is resonating pretty deeply and touching you in a way that nothing else touches you in your whole life. So for me it was like I was so hungry to know what my capacity of this is, and my abilities, and my gifts. So I moved forward step by step and I met the right people. I met in my tantric education, the right people in the participants of my educations, even so in my coaches and my teachers. And later on I met my shaman Morgan, she's a New Zealand Maori. She died two years ago, but she was an amazing shaman who traveled to Europe for health every year in the summertime. And with her, I developed a lot of this shamanic and clairvoyant and abilities to really fully embody that, and not be scared of it, to use this gift and to shed all the layers off hidden inherited trauma from the inquisition from the witch wounds.

Elke: Because it was a big thing that a lot of a lot of women are scared to step into their power of a witch or a clairvoyant or a healer or a naturopath or whatever. It's this inherited trauma. So we heal a lot of these things and with time, one step after the other, I went through reading Oracle cards, to learn to make readings, reading objects, reading people, reading houses, energies, doing distant healing. And it was really a step-by-step journey. And if you are listening to the signs in the outside that are coming your way and you following this little voice inside of you, you will be on the right path.

Jessica: So it sounds like a lot of it was you developed your practice after healing yourself, learning to step into your power, and then through that feeling compelled to do to help others be able to do the same for them.

Elke: Yes.

Jessica: Yep. So there was a couple of terms that you brought up and I think my listeners probably are going, "Okay, well what's that?" So how would you describe what it means to be a shaman or what shamanism is?

Elke: Our teacher Morgan always told us our own capacity and our own knowledge is shamanism. So we don't take on other people, other gurus or other shamans' way, she helped us to develop our own way of healing others and healing ourselves with our own gifts. So for me a shaman is a naturopath, it's an osteopath, all the different kinds of headers that are out there. It's not different to shamans in other countries, from my perception, here.

Elke: And there's for sure a deeper knowing with the Maori or the Brazilian shamans because they are more the indigenous people because they are way more connected to mother earth and the land. They're way more open to energies and way more connected to the nature. So they have, how do you call it, a bigger capacity to sense the energies and have an older connection, but we also can develop a connection back to earth, back to nature again, and into your bodies and into my body to feel more this energies and feel more mother earth and the outside world, the unseen world. So I think everybody who wants to be or has on capacity to help others is for me a healer or a shaman.

Jessica: Sounds like for you, it is more of a healing path. And then also with that it sounds like it's very individualistic, meaning you're relying on your own knowledge, your own way, your own path, versus trying to copy someone else.

Elke: Yes.

Jessica: Okay. So when we first got connected there was an interesting topic that you wanted us to focus on, which was how early childhood trauma can support our ability to become or be clairvoyant and clairfeeling. So we've been using the word trauma there and I know we're in different countries, we have different cultural contexts. I just want to make sure we're working on the same page here. How would you define trauma, since we're talking about these incidents that have happened even when we're in the womb, how would you define that? What sort of things would you say constitute trauma?

Elke: In here, it's two different kind of trauma. It's the shock of the trauma that's happening fast, it's like a car accident or a pretty, pretty hard thing that is going on with sexual abuse or something and there is a development trauma. Most of the people who are experiencing development trauma are saying, "I am not traumatized because I didn't have a trauma like an accident, or an abuse, or violence." But it's like this ongoing neglect or when the parents are traumatized from war and have constant fear inside of them or are depressed, or alcoholics, so the children are getting neglected. This is what I am speaking from, it's a development trauma and trauma in the womb is the development trauma.

Jessica: Okay. Yeah. So I just wanted to make sure on that one, because I know when we were going through initially and talking about trauma supporting our abilities, I know some of my listeners may be looking at this and thinking the more, what we call, the shock trauma situations. But from what it sounds like, it's more that development trauma of being in a sustained negative environment or suppressing one's feelings, because you're comparing your experiences to other people and feeling like you're not worthy of having this responded to. It sounds like that's more what's leading to this development and this growth. Is that correct?

Elke: Yes, absolutely.

Jessica: I just wanting to make sure on that one because I think that is very important to distinguish between the two of them, of yes, these are difficult situations, but at the same time it is bringing about that potential, that positive experience of learning and developing. You already talked a little bit when it comes to what it means to be clairvoyant and clairfeeling and having those extra senses or that greater awareness. How do you see childhood trauma supporting that or building into that?

Elke: That's amazing. Well, for me it's amazing. In every development trauma, I'm working a lot of the development trauma side of trauma, so there is a lot of thing that is horrible or not really, really amazing.

Jessica: I was about to say...

Elke: But in every poison is medicine, is a gift. And you're developing with every thing that happened to you in your childhood, you're developing a gift. So this is something that a lot of healers and a lot of people missing on this point because the trauma is pretty much tight and often often scary or with anxious and depression of feeling depressed feelings. But there is a bigger gift inside of this. So for example, what I mean with the clairvoyant and clairfeeling senses, most of the high sensitive people have birth trauma before birth in the womb or while birthing, or roundabout four or six week after they were born they experienced some kind of shock or getting some feelings from the mother, if she's scared or in an horrible relationship or whatever, the child, when the wombs are getting all of these feelings through the, how do you call it, the the cord and the hormones.

Elke: So if this is happening, this is really some kind of trauma who is like an existential trauma is combined with existential fear to die. Because this this little being can't say, "I am safe here in the womb. Nothing will happen to me." Because it's like you're coming from outer space, your soul is incarnated in this body, and it's this high sensitive, is high sense of feeling. It's not incorporated yet. And if some kind of horrible things are happening, this child is looking outside of putting all of the senses outside of his body or her body, and trying to get every information. There, the fears coming from where something, some kind of scary situation that's coming from. So they are sensing way more in the outside and getting a lot of more information ,like, yeah they are on a, be careful. Every time be careful and look outside and sense everything what's coming your way.

Elke: Because it's so scary for them. And on the one hand it's scary. And the other hand they are the best therapists, the best healers because they are sensing everything in the womb. They are sensing what's going on in their surroundings and they're sensing it on the point, in nanoseconds they're getting it. And to develop this ability and this gift is pretty awesome, and we have to look to have certain boundaries and to develop a safe space for ourselves to not get overwhelmed with all of these energies. But it's possible and it is happening. You have a big, big, big, big, big gift you can give to the world and other people.

Jessica: So it sounds like some of this stuff, it happens even before, these traumas happen before we are born, from basically taking in what we're sensing from our surroundings, and then it's important for us as we develop and become more aware to find ways to, I wouldn't say block it off, but as you've mentioned it, set boundaries for our own safety. So that's what it sounds like what's happening there. And then part of what you do is help bring awareness to the traumas that do happen so that we can grow and move forward from that. Is that correct?

Elke: Yes. The most thing I'm doing in my work is to help my clients, the women I'm working with, to get them grounding, get access to the feelings and the energies and the life force that's underneath the trauma. Yes.

Jessica: Yeah. All right. Well this is a lot of information for people to process. What resources would you recommend for those who want to learn more about this topic?

Elke: Everything about birth release work or birth trauma work, rebirthing. That's a lot of things that help to get this trauma stabilized and to let the light more out so that you can get more in contact with your clairvoyant and clairfeeling capacities. So when I'm working with my clients I'm working a lot of the first womb birth release work, re-mothering work, this is the main main work I am doing with my clients. So because it's the beginning of your life and that's very important, and from this part of you developing this trust and this trust in yourself, trust that you are belonging here on this earth, the other gifts will come up more and more. I would highly recommend to be a lot of nature, to be in connection with people, with shamans who are supporting you to be more in connection with the nature, and also on the other hand to do some body work, body psychotherapy work on these topics, birth release work and re-mothering work, and early childhood development trauma work.

Jessica: Got it. And then since you are a definitely an expert in this field, if someone wants to, how can they connect with you?

Elke: They can connect with me over my website or easily to just book a call with me and hop on a call and just talk about what's going on. It's absolutely free and I am here to help you help the people just to know what's going on. And then we can just look what's going forward. And I'm doing group programs at the moment, a five month group program with the topic of the re-mothering work. There's upcoming retreats in Hawaii and Canada, and the next time it's not already planned, but they are coming. Can easily hop on my website and look at the date or to subscribe to my newsletter. Then you are always up to date.

Jessica: All right, perfect. And we will have your website in the show notes as well. So again, thank you, Elke, for being here today and for being able to provide a lot of wisdom when it comes to how we can go through and take a look at how these more suppressed traumas that we've had in our childhood, how those impact our ability to sense the world around us, and what options we have in order to gain greater control in our lives.

Tarot Reading Schedule for The Week

I will be at Enchanted Boutique (White Bear Lake, MN) on Friday November 29th from 11am to 6pm for their Purple Psychic Friday event.

You can also either book an email/video reading with me through my website or get a quickie chat/voice reading with me through the Purple Ocean app most evenings.


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