December 4

S01E10 – Manifesting through Gratitude with Dawn Evans


Can happiness and gratitude really make manifesting easier? On Episode 10, I explore this question with happiness and manifestation coach Dawn Evans.

What you’ll learn in this podcast:

  • How to jump-start your spiritual journey (and the one action to avoid!)
  • What is a “Lightworker” – that term gets thrown around a lot in the spiritual community…
  • What it means to “manifest” something (and why asking the universe for a million dollars might not work)
  • How saying thank you to the universe goes a long way in helping you manifest in your life
  • Why comparing (and fixating) on the circumstances of others could impact your ability to manifest
  • What simple steps you can take to start manifesting through gratitude



Jessica [03:06]: Hello and welcome back, listeners. Today we have Dawn Evans here as our guest to talk with us a little bit more about manifestation. Dawn is a happiness and manifestation coach. She uses a range of magical tools to help Lightworkers find joy in their own spiritual path. Glad to have you here, Dawn.

Dawn [03:25]: Oh, it's good to be here. Thanks for having me on.

Jessica [03:29]: To start off, what has been your spiritual path so far?

Dawn [03:35]: It's kind of been a lifelong path, but it has its littles or like gaps in the middle. I think like with most people, as a kid I was fascinated by everything spiritual, like all the, woo-woo, all the supernatural. It was a bit of an obsession of mine. But I think with a lot of people, especially on their spiritual journey, I've had a lot of people say that, especially when they're a child, they don't want to be seen as the outcast or the weird kid. So they drop that side of them and just go into the world and try to fit in to what seems normal. And so that's kind of what I did. And I spent most of my life just going in and out of jobs and doing what was expected of me by my parents and whatnot.

Dawn [04:16]: It wasn't until 2016, so we're looking at about three years. I was really hating what I was doing. It just suddenly hit me one day. I hated my job, I hated everything. I felt like I wasn't really fulfilling my purpose and I was really unhappy. So I think soon after that I just got really ill. During my illness, I had to take a lot of time off work and I just began questioning everything. A friend of mine, weirdly enough, recommended me to see a psychic and it was her that said, "You're a healer and this is what you do and this is your purpose". So of course I was so desperate to sort of like change things up. Then I went and enrolled in a Reiki course and I became certified in Reiki and that's what's followed it really from there on in. I still have researched everything that struck an interest in me, like tarot cards, Oracle cards, spiritual paths, and from there on in it just grew and grew and grew and it's just become natural to me and it's just, that's it now. That's it now, I'm on my spiritual path. That's where I'm going to be. So that's kind of where I'm at. I've gone through everything. I questioned, I don't go to Google. If you're new to your spiritual journey, don't go to Google. It's a minefield and it will confuse the heck out of you.

Jessica [05:40]: Especially since there's so many views from so many people. It's information overload.

Dawn [05:46]: It's so overwhelming.

Dawn [05:46]: Find a teacher. Find a specific focus is what I've learned.

Dawn [05:59]: Find someone who you like as well. Like I said, you know, there's so many views and if something doesn't resonate with you, move on. Just start off slow. It's really confusing otherwise and you just ended up giving up. And then you hate yourself years down the line.

Jessica [06:10]: What brought you to start working with others as a happiness and manifestation coach?

Dawn [06:19]: Along the way on my journey, obviously I was doing a lot of inner healing and so by kind of my own way, I'd already sort of become a qualified life coach. It was something I'd done years ago when I decided, "Oh, what can I do? I'll become a life coach". But it just seems really general, a life coach, you know, that's not specific enough. And it got me thinking. The more I delved into my own healing, I realized that the ultimate desire everyone wanted was just to be happy. So like whether it's in your job, you know, do you want to be happy in your job? Do you want to have a happy home? Do you want to be happy with your relationships? Do you want to be happy with yourself? It all comes down to happiness.

Dawn [06:58]: I found a course that was an add on to life coaching. It focused solely on happiness coaching. I'd done that and that kind of felt right and mooched along with that and practice the techniques on myself and talked about it a lot online.I had already been studying the Law of Attraction for years and years. It was kind of interesting. The more I delved into it, the more I learned different techniques and I suppose other viewpoints from all the spiritual teachers. I put different pieces together and came up with my own techniques, as you'd say, my own spin on it. The more I raved about it and talked about it, and the more I manifested things for myself, people seem to be showing a massive interest and they wanted to learn more. It was something people were very interested in. I ended up just putting the two together because when you're happy, you manifest easier and faster, more with the things that make you happy. So it just, it just seems so natural to put manifestation and happiness together. Just like cheesy chips.

Jessica [08:06]: Yeah, exactly. I'm not sure if you've heard of Gabrielle Bernstein. She just put out a book, which the premise of the book is focusing on your joy, focusing on your happiness, focusing on feeling good. Through that it just, as you said, it's easier to bring things into being that you want to have happen.

Dawn [08:28]: It just works so perfectly together. It was a no brainer to do the two together.

Jessica [08:36]: One of the things that you bring up in your professional bio is that you've work with Lightworkers. That's a term that my audience probably hasn't heard of before. What is a Lightworker?

Dawn [08:49]: So again, don't go to Google. It's become a fashionable thing to say like among people, but I think people don't actually know the meaning behind it. So a Lightworker is someone who has already embraced their spirituality and they've wakened up to the fact that they have a bigger purpose and a bigger part to play in the world. They're ready to step into that role and lead a life of love. Really shine in that light, hence "lightworker". They love the planet. They want to help raise the vibration of the planet in general.

Dawn [09:29]: I think a lot of people think a Lightworker is a really easy task. Like, "Oh, I'll just go around being happy and joyful and giving everyone hugs all the time". It's not because the word "worker" is in there. I mean, it can be really hard like being on a spiritual path. You have to work on your own healing first and really go in and deal with your deep wounds. It can be really hard to touch upon them, but by healing yourself, you also healing the planet. The more people step up to that, the greater it will be. I wrote a blog post actually about different signs if you like tick-boxes of signs, "You know you're a Lightworker". I think most people would know though, they know in their heart of hearts. They have a very old soul. They're wise. They seem to know things before anyone else does. Massive empathy, intuitive, fascination with spirituality, and love of the planet and a sense of purpose. I think that's what it is in a nutshell. That's what a Lightworker is. Someone that just wants to help raise the vibration of the planet by shining in their own light.

Jessica [10:33]: I think that's an important thing to recognize in oneself. When I first started this path and I looked up Lightworker on Google, part of me was, "Well, this is curious. Let's go into what we see in young adult fiction: if there is a Lightworker, what is a Darkworker or a Shadowworker?" That's when you really start to delve into the giant rabbit hole of Google.

Dawn [11:01]: I know, but the two intertwine.

Jessica [11:01]: What would you describe a Darkworker as being like?

Dawn [11:09]: I mean obviously it's someone that works mainly with the shadows, but I think it's pretty much the same thing. I would say it's the same thing because you have to sort of step into your fears and your own darkness to go through it and find the lights because it's not already there. I mean, everyone's got their own issues and their own insecurities and their own inner wounds they need to work through. If you dig deep enough, it's difficult to deal with. I think once you do it, the transformation is amazing. It's huge.

Jessica [11:39]: It sounds like with Lightworker it's more like the collective helper or the healer or the one that, as you said before, raises the vibration. Then the Shadowworker, it's a similar path, but rather than raising the vibration, it's more ripping the band-aid off and showing you where your hurt is, where's your trauma, or where it is that you need to heal. It's just as important, but because there's this inherent fear of the unknown, fear of the dark, fear of the repressed, that's an area where you really don't want to venture into. They'd rather go, "Let's look at the nicer side of healing", but both of those parts are necessary for growth and for development.

Dawn [12:26]: Yeah. And it depends on how big you want to go. The really big spiritual teachers like Gabby Bernstein, you know, she's like a big figure, but then you've got like nurses that aren't in the public eye, but they're still Lightworkers, because they're still helping people and they're still leading with love. So it can be big or small.

Jessica [12:43]: Yeah, exactly. Your audience is, or the people you want to help, are whoever you choose to, whether it's on a world level or whether it's on a local or a community level. Let's jump topics here. We've talked about manifestation and Law of Attraction, those sorts of things. What does it mean to manifest? To put it a little tongue in cheek, can I just say, "I wish I have $1 million", put it on a vision board and boom, have it happen?

Jessica [13:16]: I mean it kind of is, "If you can think it, you can have it", sort of thing you know. It's bringing in your thoughts, your dreams, your ideas into reality. But you can't just sit on the sofa and wait the delivery guy to come and put it through the mailbox. It's not going to happen like that. And it's like what Gabby Bernstein says, great quote. She puts it like, "Manifestation is basically letting the universe catch up with you". It's on the universe to deliver what already exists in your mind and you know to be true, but you've got to put the work in. You've got to do the work, as you call it. I mean, you know I try not to swear, the universe is not your bitch.

Jessica [13:56]: Oh, we're fine with that here. We're fine.

Dawn [13:59]: No, the universe is not your bitch, so you've got to put the work in. Meet it halfway and take the action, because when you do the action, that's when things happen quicker. If you're prepared to do that. Otherwise it's just gonna take ages.

Jessica [14:13]: Something that we see in various religious fields as well. It's not just here, it's not just when it comes to manifestation or Law of Attraction. We hear people talk about thoughts and prayers or simply praying to help others versus you have to go through you have to roll up your sleeves and do the work in order to be able to bring that reality that you're asking the universe for guidance and help on into the world here and now.

Dawn [14:46]: Yeah. It's been, especially this month, there's been a few things, like they've been really small things, I wanted to manifest. Sometimes I go small, sometimes I go big. The little things I've manifested, won things in competitions and by doing challenges and stuff, but if I hadn't have entered or done the required work, I would not receive them. So it's recognizing the signs and like, "Oh, the Universe has handed me a little bit of an olive branch here. I'll take that and I'll move forward to make this happen".

Jessica [15:14]: I've had times where I've set the intention and then had lucky things happen to me where money showed up where I didn't expect it. I've also had times where I went through and I actually had to do the work. I had to go and say, "This is what I want. This is the time frame I want it", but I had to do the research. I had to market. I had to go out and put myself out there and then it felt like the universe was meeting me halfway. I was putting in a lot of the work, but at the same time the universe was putting opportunities in my path that I could take advantage of in order to make it happen. One of which is the car that I bought last year. I wouldn't have found the financing for it. I wouldn't even be even found it unless I said, "I am hunting for a car and I want to get this taken care of and I'm going to use my business to fund it".

Dawn [16:07]: Yeah. Yeah, completely.

Jessica [16:08]: There is a topic that does come up, at least in my area of the United States given our socio-political climate, and it tends to be a little bit critical when it comes to manifesting, Law of Attraction, and a lot of these adjacent topics. Whenever the topic of manifesting comes up in circles I'm in, I hear this objection about privilege. To put it in more everyday terms, it's how one's gender, one's color of their skin, your social academic status or educational background means they're going to have a less difficult time of bringing in what they want compared to someone else who may be of a different gender, race, or background. How would you address that concern when it comes to discussing things like manifestation?

Dawn [16:56]: It is a concern for some people. I get the things are harder for some people, but at the end of the day it's nonsense that you can't have the same as anyone else. We all come from Source, we're all connected, and we're all parts of the universe, so we're all deserving of having the things we want regardless of our upbringing or our gender or anything like that. It may be harder for some people, but I believe it comes down to your thoughts and your motivation. If you believe that you are deserving and it is possible for you and you want something bad enough, then you can make it happen. You just need to believe in it and you need to be willing to do what's necessary. I mean, it may be easy for some people to get things, but then you've got to think, well, at the end of the day, do you really know the story behind them?

Dawn [17:48]: It might look like they had an easy ride, but do you know the exact steps they've taken to get that? They might have gone through hell to get that, but not show it on the surface. They might not actually be that happy either. They've got all this, the house the car the money, but are they truly happy? It's difficult. It's difficult to know. And my advice is just always focus on yourself. I think comparing your journey to someone else's just causes a whole load of trouble and unnecessary worry. At the end of the day, their story is none of your business. Focus on yourself and believe that you can achieve it and you can. I've heard stories of people who come from nothing and where they are now by putting in the work and the things they've achieved is incredible. So if people believe they can have it, then they can have it. That's that's my view on it. Simple.

Jessica [18:41]: Yeah. That's some great wisdom there. Part of it is comparison, I think the phrase is comparison. It's a killer. It's a thief of joy. If we go through and we focus on, "Well, it's easier for this person or that person because of their background", that lowers your vibration. It makes it harder for you to believe that you are worthy and deserving of a better future. And that's something that I think is important to acknowledge. Yeah, some people are going to have it more difficult than others in getting a specific thing, but they may have an easier time when it comes to other positive experiences as well. If we go thorugh and we continue to compare ourselves to everyone else based on very superficial qualities, it drags us down. It's important for us to look at our own story of what is possible and what will make us happy. A million dollars may not make a specific person happy and that's okay. That's not what they want to target. Maybe they want to target having a healthier community, focusing on their own self esteem, their own health, focusing on other people. Maybe they want to have something else that's material, but that's not necessarily money. It's again, as you said, focusing on what brings you joy and then the universe helping you with that specific thing.

Dawn [20:09]: Yeah, massively.

Jessica [20:10]: All right. So how can one start to manifest through gratitude?

Dawn [20:16]: Oh, gratitude is one of my favorite and most simplest manifestation techniques. I like to compare the universe to a family member or a best friend. Now imagine they gave you a gift that Christmas and you didn't say thank you, and then come your birthday they give you another gift but you still don't say thank you. Now after time, they're gonna think you maybe don't like or don't want that gift and they're going to stop giving you gifts. So it's kind of rude, I think, when the universe has given you gifts and you're not even saying thank you. They will give up giving you the things you want and you're asking for. I ask everyone now if you stop and take a moment and look around yourself. At some point or not, you have asked the universe for everything you currently have. Everything. The meal you've just eaten, your children, the great new outfit you've just bought or your car. You have asked for all of it. Have you said "thank you"? Most people probably haven't. Have you offered your gratitude and said to the universe, "This is what I asked for, now thank you"? So if you put it like that, why should the universe keep giving you gifts if you're not saying thank you? And that's where gratitude comes in. It's so simple. It's so super easy to add it into your day. What I do before I go to bed, just three things I'll either write it down or say it in my head, three things I'm grateful for for that day. It can be big, can be small, it doesn't matter. But the more people can practice this, the more it becomes a habit. You're living more in the present rather than obsessing about the future and what you haven't got yet. You're looking at what you have now, you're thanking the universe and you're giving it permission to keep on giving. It's so powerful.

Jessica [22:05]: It definitely is, and I think that's something that a lot of us take for granted. We look at what we don't have, we look at where we're struggling or where we're suffering, but we don't take that moment to look at what we do have to count our blessings. That's just as important because by going through and saying, "Yes, universe, I want more of this positive stuff", I think it opens us up to the universe now responding to those areas of our life where we feel lack or where we feel like we're struggling, because now it can go through and continue to gift us in other areas.

Dawn [22:45]: Yeah. And it's the whole quantum physics thing, isn't it?, if you want to get scientific about it. Sort of like the vibrations you're given off of gratitude and you're really loving what you've got. You're opening your brain up to search for other things that match that. It's just so simple and it can be done today, and it just becomes a habit. Throughout the day you'll just notice when you get something, you immediately say thank you for it. Even if it's just in your head, you'll be surprised at the results. I think everyone should just give it a go straight away.

Jessica [23:16]: Now there's something that some of my listeners may be asking themselves, and again we're going into the challenging topics that come along with manifesting, what about those difficult areas of our life? The breakups, the divorces, the deaths in our family, the illnesses, the job losses? How can one use gratitude as a way of seeking solace or seeking resolution when it comes to those more difficult areas in our life?

Dawn [23:46]: That is a tricky one because you can't ignore when you have a challenge like that. You can't just push away the feelings. I think just lean into what you're feeling. If you feel inside or angry or whatever, let that go through you. Express that because it's healthy. I don't think any emotions should ever really be bottled up, but once you've had your moments, then sit down and reflect. What lesson have I learned from this? What has this given me? How has this benefited my life? Look at the positives, but I don't think it can be rushed. I think you need to give yourself that time to feel in when you have had the challenges. Then go back and look at it once you're out of the crazy emotion stage.

Jessica [24:29]: Yeah, I definitely agree with that. I think one of the things that comes up within our community when trauma or other setbacks or negative issues come up is there's that desire to immediately respond and jump into, "Look at the blessings. Look at the positive. There is a reason for this happening to you". That comes across as spiritual bypassing, and there's a lot of criticism around that. I think it's important for those who are going through these difficult times to have that space to grieve, to experience that loss and to honor their emotions. But at the same time, once they've had that period of processing, to then be able to realize they do have the ability to shape their future and then focus on, "Well what's that next step? What is next and how can I ask the universe to support me as I move forward?"

Dawn [25:31]: Completely. I mean, you know, time, you never know time do you? It's always there. Just don't rush things. But something I do say to people is once a month there is a full moon. That is a perfect time to sit down and offer gratitude, a full moon. So if you've had a really rubbish month, don't worry about doing your gratitude and like getting your manifesting game on. Just hang on in down till the full moon. Even if it's six months later, reflect back on the six months and sit down. You don't have to do it daily if you're having a hard time. Choose when it feels best for you. Only you know when you feel like you're in that state. Yeah. Lean into your emotions. Just go with what feels good to you. That's the only thing you can do.

Jessica [26:14]: Interesting that you mentioned the full moon there. I recently got a book called Moonology by Yasmin Boland and there's a corresponding oracle deck. In the in the book they talk about full moons as being both a time of gratitude as well as releasing. Once a month you have, regardless of your gender, you have this time of release that you can tap into. It's rhythmic. It's about every 28-29 days. You go through, you can think about and reflect on what's happened, both good and bad. You have that set gratitude time. If you're not doing it daily, you'd have that time of the month. You can do it, and then you also have that time for letting go, releasing that anger, that grief, that sorrow so that you can then go through and start that new cycle in trying to create and trying to bring about your future.

Dawn [27:11]: Yeah, and the moon is powerful and it feels really good. You know when you've got a full moon it just feels like you're doing something extra special. It's just fine.

Jessica [27:17]: We've talked about the issue of a person looking at their background and comparing themselves to others. We've talked about setbacks. What other obstacles can someone face when they are trying to manifest?

Dawn [27:28]: I think time. I think a lot of people are impatient, especially now, there's like everyone's rushing around them. I'm a Sagittarius, so I'm kind of true to my sign. I am not the most patient person. It's not one of my virtues at all. So if I can learn a little bit of patience, then anyone can. But impatience is a huge one. We do all want it now and no one's prepared to wait and also no one's prepared to put the work in. I think there's a high percentage of people that failed at things because they aren't prepared to put the work in and hold themselves accountable. And when people do start manifesting, there is this automatic thought process that goes in like, "Well I thought it so it's going to happen. It's in my head, if I can see it, it's happening", and it doesn't happen overnight. It's a long process of things that have to go on behind the scenes before. Some things happened really quickly. Some small things can happen quickly, but if you sit down and actually think it out and look back, you can see there has actually been a process, and you realize. I think the way to get over that is just to stay present. If you can do the gratitude-a-day, it just keeps you focused on the now so you're not looking too far back and too far forward. Stay present in the now and trust. I think trust is a big thing. You need to trust the memo has been received, it has been read, and what you want to manifest is on its way to the Depot. It's being packaged and posted as we speak. You just got to wait for the post day,

Jessica [29:04]: You bring up some good points here, the big thing being patience. We live with instant social media, instant gratification. I can go on my phone, get stuff delivered to me relatively quickly. When it comes to things that we want reality and we want the universe to help us with, we're expecting that same level of speed and it doesn't always happen that way. Especially since part of the process of us being here is learning and growing and that learning process does include learning to be patient. You also brought up the issue of failure. I think that's why some people don't even bother trying is that fear of failure, that fear of, "Well I wished this, I put on a vision board, I tried the few things and it didn't happen in a week. So it's not going to happen at all, so why bother?" It's learning to understand things are going to happen in their own due time. I think also it's going to happen the way the universe thinks is going to be the best fit for you. You may think that you will be happy with a very specific outcome and if the universe thinks that you're meant to have a different outcome, maybe the same wavelength, but it's the form is a little bit different in the packaging is a little bit different, you're going to miss those opportunities because you're looking for a very specific thing. So I think that's another obstacle I've seen brought up when I've read about manifesting and attracting things in your life is have a more general idea of what it is that you believe is going to make you happy and what your outcome is, and then trust the universe to finalize that form and add in the finer details.

Dawn [30:55]: Yeah, and if I'm saying out loud or writing my manifestations down, I will sometimes write at the bottom, "or something better". It gives them permission. If I'm getting really specific, like a dinner date with Tom Hiddleston, that's rather specific, or something better. So I'm like, okay, I'll take someone else. It's fine.

Jessica [31:16]: I think that's an important thing to add there. This or something better, this person or something better, this dream job or something better, this job or this opportunity, this business opportunity or something better. By doing that, it also lessens the stress because if what we thought was going to happen doesn't, it means the universe has something better on the horizon. We just don't know what it is yet.

Dawn [31:46]: I mean, it's exciting to know what more is it that's coming, you know? I like a surprise.

Jessica [31:50]: Right? It's like, "All right, well if this thing that I wanted isn't it, what is the universe going to give me? What is cooler than what I was hoping for?"

Dawn [32:00]: Yeah. The suspense is brilliant. It's like the lead up to Christmas.

Jessica [32:03]: Oh yeah, exactly. Especially when you're looking at this and going, "Well, here's my wishlist". What resources would you recommend for someone who wants to learn more about this topic?

Dawn [32:18]: Well, there's some great books that I've read that are fabulous. I mean, you can go, you can go Google it if you want, but be prepared. Obviously, we touched upon Gabby Bernstein. I think The Universe Has Your Back is a really good one to start with, and then there's her new book, Super Attractor. Marie Forleo, Everything is Figureoutable, it's a current reader. It just puts everything into perspective and it really gets you thinking that, yes, I can do this and I can have this. It's a great book. Also check out Denise Duffield-Thomas. She is fabulous. Especially with money mindsets and manifestation. You want like money and stuff like that, then she's awesome. Go check her out. Her books are fantastic.

Jessica [33:09]: I think those are some great starting books for those who are dipping their toe into this topic, but don't want to go full woo-woo just yet. I will admit that in Super Attractor Gabby does start to go into topics like spirit guides, so she is starting to go a bit further in sharing her beliefs on those. I think those are good starting points, and then we can start looking at other spiritual tools that people use in order to be able to bring in that magic into their lives when they're starting to manifest.

Dawn [33:46]: Yeah. You can get crazy later down the line, but yeah, keep it simple.

Jessica [33:52]: Keep it simple for now, definitely. How can people connect with you?

Dawn [33:57]: I have got a website. I mainly hang out on Instagram. That's probably the best place to catch me cause I'm pretty much there every day. So it's "divinedawny", that's my Instagram handle. You can,find the details about my website and subscribe to my newsletter through that. Keep your eye out for loads of exciting things that are coming in, because I've got some great stuff on manifestation that I'm hoping to bring in the next few weeks. So, and to end the year with, it'd be quite fun.

Jessica [34:23]: Glad to hear that. So again, everyone, thank you for listening and thank you, Dawn, for being here. It was a pleasure to have you on today's episode.

Dawn [34:31]: You're welcome.


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  1. Amazing interview and insight into manifestation through gratitude! Dawn keeps things simple to understand and use, and it’s not any less effective. Love to you both x

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