July 8

S02 E12 – The Truth About Third Party Tarot Readings


In this episode of Between the Magical and the Mundane, we go through a couple of different definitions of what is considered a third party reading. We examine why you – or a Tarot reading client – may want a third party reading, why some readers might consider these types of readings unethical, and ways to re-frame a third party reading so that the querent gets what they need to be empowered while also honoring a reader’s personal ethics.

What we discuss:

  • The types of readings that are considered to be “third party readings”
  • Why a querent/seeker might ask about the thoughts, feelings, and actions of others as part of their Tarot reading
  • The potential ethical pitfalls of a third party reading
  • The importance of intent in Tarot readings that include third party information
  • Three example third party readings (the potential cheating partner, the ex, and the potential new lover) and how to re-frame the reading to place the focus and power on the seeker/querent

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