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S02 E20 – The Benefits of Past Life Exploration with Cornelia Helga Schulze

By July 20, 2020 No Comments

In this episode, I talk with Cornelia Helga Schulze about past life relationships. Cornelia is a spiritual medium and coach who helps her clients tap into their past life experiences in order to be empowered in the present moment.

Things you’ll learn:

  • How she first learned about past lives and how this knowledge impacted her
  • Why discussions about past life experiences typically focus on extraordinary incarnations (ex: nobility or tied to a historical figure)
  • What it means to have a past life connection with another person
  • How exploring past lives can help you build trust in yourself and practice self-forgiveness
  • The potential pitfalls of engaging in past life regressions unprepared

About our guest:

Cornelia Helga Schulze is a spiritual medium and systemic coach. She shares with us how past lives can influence our current life –in a fortunate and unfortunate way. The impact of past life relationships and/or traumatic experiences can be the reason you’re feeling stuck right here, right now.

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