July 21

S02 E21 – Tarot Deckcrafting: The Inner Journey with Kimberly Tsan


How can the creation process become an act of self-discovery and growth? In this episode, we bring on Kimberly Tsan to answer this question. We discuss the emotional highs and lows that come with taking an idea and bringing it into reality, and how to approach a creative project when it feels like something else created something similar to what you’re doing. Kimberly has some experience with this – having created The Way of the Panda Tarot and The Spread Machine spread-crafting deck and launching both on Kickstarter.

Things you’ll learn:

  • How she first started to use Tarot in her own spiritual journey
  • Her personal philosophy on how Tarot can have an impact in everyday life
  • How she went from seeking a panda-themed Tarot deck for herself to creating her own deck that she could share with the world
  • How she used elements of storytelling when creating The Way of the Panda Tarot deck
  • What emotions she felt during the Kickstarter launch process and how she worked through those feelings and their underlying thoughts
  • How she overcame the internal objection of “someone else did something similar…” when creating her second deck – The Spread Machine
  • Her advice for aspiring creatives

About our guest:

Fueled by too much tea and creative energy – Kimberly M. Tsan is an indie deck creator, a creative online business owner, and a full-time servant to her royal feline highness, Professor. Kim believes in the transformative powers of answering your creative calling and following your heart to manifest your destiny. She also believes that everything in life is an exciting opportunity to collect massive EXP’s to level up on wisdom, strength and the capacity to love. 

At the moment, she’s working on bringing her new deck baby, Spread Machine Cards + Oracle to life, and she has more exciting projects cooking up in her creative oven as we speak. As someone who loves to champion creativity and artistic endeavors, Kim dreams of eventually starting her own publishing company and a non-profit for spiritual + whimsical creatives.

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