July 22

S02 E22 – The Birth of the Magick and Mediums Oracle Deck with Anielle Reid


In this episode, I chat with Anielle Reid from Magick and Mediums about the creation of her oracle deck. She shares her knowledge of what it means to be a psychic medium and how she manifested her oracle deck.

Things you’ll learn:

  • What it means to be a psychic medium
  • What the difference is between intuition and psychic ability
  • How she transitioned from reviewing decks to creating her own oracle deck
  • How to begin studying divination

About our guest:

Anielle Reid is the creator of the Magick and Mediums Oracle in addition to the Magick and Mediums podcast. As a psychic-medium-channel and witch she is passionate about demystifying the occult. Reid has been featured on various podcasts and shows including Ted for her work as a psychic and as a banjoist in the folk group Boy Girl Banjo.

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