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S02 E26 – Focusing on the Relationship With Yourself with Ambila Nath

By July 28, 2020 No Comments

In this episode, I chat with Ambila Nath, spiritual dating and relationship expert, about the importance of fostering a relationship with oneself. She shares her knowledge on how building self-confidence and self-awareness can lead to cultivating more fulfilling relationships.

Things you’ll learn:

  • How finding love is about building two different relationships, and what those relationships are
  • What a strong “relationship with oneself” looks like
  • What happens when someone doesn’t take time to develop self-awareness
  • How a lack of self-awareness can show up in a relationship
  • What steps you can take to improve your “relationship with oneself”
  • How working with a professional (like a coach) can support your path of self-improvement

About our guest:

Ambila guides women who are seeking a long term relationship. They are dating a lot of people in the hope they will find the right one, but it’s frustrating that it’s just not happening. Ambila mentors them to stop the endless dating, find themselves and find their man.

Find Ambila:

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