July 31

S02 E29 – How to Let Go of Past Relationships with Gabrielle Thil


In this episode, I chat with Gabrielle Thil about letting go of past relationships. She shares her knowledge of body-mind-energy connections to show how we stay attached to former lovers and friends, and how we can take steps to let go so that we can be emotionally free to pursue new, healthier connections. 

Things you’ll learn:

  • How she utilized practices like kundalini yoga to develop her own spirituality
  • How we build energy connections with other people, and how that impacts our ability to move forward after a relationship ends
  • How spiritual techniques, like kundalini yoga, can help you energetically detach from past relationships
  • What are the potential consequences of not letting go of old relationships
  • What steps you can take to start letting go of past relationships

About our guest:

Gabrielle Thil holds a sacred space for women who want to let go of a past relationship and move on peacefully. She is a coach and energetic healer. She loves helping women to find their way back to themselves and co-create a life that enchants their soul.

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