August 6

S02 E33 – An Introduction to Beyond Quantum Healing Jen Shin


In this episode, I chat with Jen Shin about Beyond Quantum Healing. She shares her knowledge on how trance states can be used for personal discovery, development, and spiritual healing. 

Things you’ll learn:

  • How trance states can be used in spiritual development and healing
  • What the difference is between Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) and Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH)
  • What the differences are between the 3rd Dimension and 5th Dimension and how they can be used in spiritual healing practices
  • What a Beyond Quantum Healing session is like

About our guest:

Jen Shin is a certified Reiki master, Beyond Quantum Healing Practitioner, podcaster, spiritual seeker, lover of truth, and student of the universe.  Her passion is to speak the truth and help people heal from within. She joins us this week to share her knowledge of Beyond Quantum Healing, a modality that uses altered states of consciousness to help seekers connect with their higher selves.

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