June 29

S02E05 – The Heart of Productivity with Angela Kristen Taylor


In this episode, I talk with Angela Kristin Taylor about productivity. Angela is an Integrative Productivity Coach, the founder of Productive Souls, and The Limitless Collaborative. She’s identified the cycle that keeps the rest of us living in chaos and has solved the problem of productivity in a very unique way. 

Things You’ll Learn:

  • How she discovered the connection between her thoughts and feelings about herself and her actual productivity
  • How she found the time to take care of her large household, support her marriage, run a thriving business, and sleep as much as she needed each night
  • How focusing on productivity systems is like treating the symptoms and not the disease
  • The importance of identifying and working through emotional clutter that can stall productivity
  • How our traumatic childhood experiences can lead to productivity blocks in adulthood, especially if we think that our upbringing was “fine” compared to others
  • How slowing down and checking in with your emotions – especially when you feel the need to hustle – can actually boost your productivity

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