July 1

S02E07 – Card of the Month for July Collective Reading


In this episode of Between the Magical and The Mundane we discuss the Card of the Month for July based on the full year Tarot spread I did back in January. This isn’t us just geeking out about one card though – we take a look at the themes from June’s card as well as what is coming around the corner in August. This is some serious Tarot nerdery as we delve into patterns and symbolism so that you get a better grasp of what themes may come up on a personal level, societal level and meta level. 

What we discuss

  • The outgoing card of the month (The Hanged Man for June) and its connection to current events
  • The Hanged Man – Death – Temperance progression and how The Lovers card can fit into this sequence
  • The similarities between The Hanged Man and The Lovers in the This Might Hurt Tarot deck
  • The personal, global, and meta themes that might come up this month


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