July 3

S02 E09 – The Connection Between Empaths and Narcissists with Rebecca Gibson


In this episode, I chat with Rebecca Gibson, psychic life and business coach, about empaths and narcissists. She shares her knowledge on the connection between empaths and narcissists and what those of us who are in tune with the emotions of others can do in order to create healthier and more empowered relationships with others.

Things you’ll learn:

  • What makes a person an empath
  • The benefits and pitfalls of being an empath
  • Her definitions of narcissism and the “shadow-side of narcissism”
  • Why there is an increased focus on narcissism
  • The signs to look for to see whether someone is exhibiting narcissistic tendencies
  • The importance of delving into your own thoughts and feelings about other people rather than avoiding contact when you feel uncomfortable

About our guest:

Rebecca Gibson (1975) was born in Sydney, Australia to left brain baby boomers, who did not like to acknowledge her gifts as a psychic medium. A number of traumas led Rebecca to become a mental health professional working in some of Australia’s most violent prisons with serial killers, murderers and sex offenders in an effort to help heal people who society have locked away to contain their dangerous behaviors. Rebecca now focuses on healing those wanting to step into their greatness through living a life serving love and their Souls purpose.

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