(Using the Tarot)

FINALLY figure out how to use Tarot daily to strengthen your intuition and develop your ability to read card combinations!

You can do this in as little as five minutes a day!

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Fellow Tarot Geek (or Aspiring Geek)

Let me guess why you’re here. You…

  • Want to read Tarot for yourself but keep putting it off because you don’t want to cram a bunch of keywords into your brain(You barely passed History and Biology and don’t want to relive that!)
  • Freeze in terror when you realize there’s 6,006 possible two-card combinations (24,024 if you include reversals), and you ain’t got time to memorize them all!
  • Keep reaching for the LWB (Little White Book) because you’re afraid that your inner voice might steer you wrong (like when you got that one tattoo on a whim).

That’s why I created this guide

My free guide, “Plan Your Week Using the Tarot”, walks you through the process of reading the Tarot intuitively and gives you an easy-to-follow exercise so that you can practice your new skills.

Most freebie “learn Tarot” resources throw a bunch of keywords at you. Some guidebooks teach you how to read the cards intuitively but don’t give you a practical application. We both know that while memorization and theory may work for some people, not everyone grasps knowledge that way! This is why I also provide a week-long exercise so that you can figure out how to do two-card readings.

You can use this technique for your own personal use, to gain insight on areas of society such as entertainment or politics, or to do general readings for others on social media (“readings for humanity”). Yes – this is the same technique used by Tarot readers on Instagram!

Plan Your Week (Using the Tarot)
will help you…

  • Learn how to read the Tarot without immediately rushing to guidebooks or keyword charts.
  • Connect the messages of two (or more) cards so that you can gain even deeper insight in your Tarot reading.
  • Strengthen and trust your intuition so that looking up keywords or symbols supplements and enhances what you gleaned through your inner wisdom.

Set down the Little White Book, download this guide, and take five minutes a day for one week to learn how to read Tarot intuitively!