Readings by Email

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Curious as to how email readings work? Here’s an overview of the process:

Step 1: Book the email reading with me

This is where you pick the type of reading that you would like me to do and provide me with some details about who you are and the question where you would like to consult the Tarot.

If you have questions you’d like me to answer about the process before purchasing a Tarot reading, feel free to contact me.


Step 2: I will contact you to follow up

Before I complete the reading for you, I want to make sure that we are on the same page with regards to what you are looking for and what you hope to get out of the Tarot reading. I may suggest alterations to the question to better fit your needs, and will collaborate with you on a Tarot spread that covers the topics that you would like to have explored.


Step 3: I complete the Tarot reading

I set aside time to clear my Tarot reading space (I own 3 cats and do arts & crafts in my spare time) and to meditate prior to your reading. In order to focus, I will write down the purpose of each card in the Tarot spread on a piece of paper. I also light candles and incense, as the flickering lights and scented smoke help me calm down and get into a more intuitive state.

Once I am ready, I shuffle my Tarot deck, focusing on your initial question as well as the topics that we agreed to explore during the reading.  Next, I lay down the cards using the spread that we discussed.

After spending some time looking at the patterns within the cards, I write down a few quick notes using pen and paper, and then go to my computer in order to type out the full reading. My first draft is a stream of consciousness, after which I go back to proofread for grammar and structure.


Step 4: Tarot Reading Delivery

The written Tarot reading is saved as a pdf and delivered to you via Dropbox, along with photographs of the Tarot spread so that you have an accompanying visual.

Ready to work with me?

Here are some of my email Tarot reading offerings:

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